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March 30th, 2004

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02:51 pm - RP: Branwyn Eirias | New Beginning
Setting: Modern Magic (Warp1.net)
Location: Not sure yet... *lol*
Character: Branwyn Eirias (Branwyn)

Bright green eyes flashed open in the deep darkness of a cellar in a long abandoned house, eyes that reflected madness and need. Eyes that were abnormally bright, almost...glowing...searched the darkness even as a pale, thin hand reached out for something that wasn't there. Something that...would never be there again.

"Too long...too old...too much..."

The voice that fell into the darkness was both soft and harsh, sounding of both pain, and a sort of numb irritation. The voice, had anyone been near to hear it, would have likely sent chills down the spine of any listener. It had an unearthly quality to it, one that matched the faintly burning eyes perfectly...and with good reason.

She was starved. It was that simple, and that complicated. The darkness hid the gauntness of her pretty face. The darkness hid the painful, desperate expression on that face. The darkness, however, didn't quite hide the paleness of her flesh...a paleness that made her skin appear to be nearly translucent, carrying an alabaster glow to it that, despite what the hunger did to the rest of her appearance, was quite beautiful to behold.

The darkness...held her. She had found she'd rather the comforting darkness to facing the nightmare that awaited outside the crumbling bricks of the cellar that sheltered her. She'd rather the pain that tore at her insides, slowly driving her back into the madness she'd escaped for a time, than the external madness of the world above. However...it was getting to the point that her body's demands would have to be met...through her own action, or through the madness that threatened to overtake her and rip her fear...and will...from her forever...

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