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December 24th, 2004

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07:12 am - [Fiction]
Setting: Legacy (if you know, then I guess you know)
Characters: Sir Timothy Synovan (or however they spell that kingdom), some lady

A voice? That's odd. I don't remember there being anyone around.
"Excuse me, sir?"
I suppose I should see what they want. But I dislike climbing down when I'm all nestled and comfortable and-
"Hello? Are you alright?"
Why wouldn't I be? What kind of questions are you asking?
"Sir?" I'm rolled over rather roughly, and suddenly greeted with a faceful of sunlight.
"Agh! Bloody 'ell that's bright. Who told you to turn the light on?"
"Lights? But it's... day out."
"...I knew that." I squint and rub my eyes. Sure enough, it's got to be just past noon, as I can see the sun shimmering brightly through the loose canopies of the trees around me. Wait a minute. "Last thing I remember, was falling out of a tree."
The woman inclined her head sideways. "I suppose you did, sir. Are you alright?"
I dusted off the front of my jerkin and looked myself over. "Of course I'm alright. I... meant to do that."
"You meant to... to fall out of the tree?" She didn't believe me.
"Yes, of course. I needed to come down." That hurt a little more than it should have.
"If I may ask...," I had a feeling she was going to, even if I said she may not, "why were you up there?"
"Important duties, madam."
She scratched her head a little. "Oh? Of what sort?"
"I was sleeping." Nothing felt broken. That was a good sign.
"...sleeping? In a tree?"
"Why, yes. You sound as if that should be something unusual."
"Well, it's just...so high." She motioned to the trunk.
"Ah, but I do it all the time. There is absolutely nothing to worry about." I grin smugly.
"Do you fall out of trees all the time, too?"
She looked confused. "...on purpose?"
"Indeed." I pick my blue headband out from under my shoulder and sit up, and wonder how it got there.
I stood up, and continued explaining myself. "If I didn't fall on accident, then the only option is that it was intentional, correct?"
"I suppose you're right." She nodded.
"Well, since I never fall accidentally, because that would imply that I'm incapable of sleeping in a tree - which, I can assure you, I am quite skilled in doing - then my falling out of those same trees is something I mean to do from the start." I beam, obviously impressing this commoner with my logic.
"I see. Um-"
I looked around on the ground a moment. "Have you seen my qu-" Just as asked for, it hit me. Literally, on the head, it hit me. Ow. "Ah, there it is. Must have gotten caught on a branch or something on the way down." I rub my head, where the quiver had struck my upon its descent, and slung the strap over my shoulder.
"Are you..."
"I'm perfectly fine. Merely a little puzzled as to why you're asking me all these questions." I ensure my headband is clean before tying it back in place.
"I just saw you off the road, in a pile of leaves and branches, and wanted to make sure you weren't dead or anything. "
"And why would I have been dead?"
"You did fall from a tree, and-"
"On purpose."
"You fell from a tree, on purpose..."
"That's correct."
"...and it looks like it was a rather long way up. I think that's a little dangerous"
"Indeed, many things are." I examine the road, and she sighed.
"You're a knight, aren't you?"
My eyes widened. "Who told you?!" She pointed at the silver sash strung shoulder-to-sword across my chest. "Oh. Yes, yes I am a knight."
"What were you doing out here in the middle of nowhere? The city's not for a day's ride to the east, and all."
"Important business."
"Sleeping in a tree?"
"I was resting."
"I'm certain."
"A man cannot concentrate on his duties if he has not been properly rested."
"I suppose not." She paused, motioning downwards at me. "Um, do you want something for that wound?"
Wound? "Wound?" I looked down, and sure enough, there was blood soaked onto my feet coming from somwhere below my knee. So that's why I felt unstable. "I suppose I could bandage it off, thank you, miss." I made a mental note to check for bleeding before broken bones, and passed out.

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