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Greetings, and welcome to justcharacters, a section of LJ dedicated purely to the lives that are led in stories and worlds that are our own creation. Let your imagination run wild, or tame it all within these walls.

Just some ground rules, and suggestions (note: I'm not making these to be a pain, but to provide all the information you need in one place for ease of eading and to keep some sort of order):

1) Posts over a paragraph or two in total length should be posted using the LJ Cut Tag, as to reduce loading time and size of the initial page. You can see here for more information concerning the usage of it.

2) All posts will be made "In Character (IC)". There are no exceptions, unless one wishes to add short comments before or after their post as to their inspiration behind the scene, perhaps, or other related matters.

3) Song-fics, poems, et al are fine. If they're about your setting and/or character, only. We're all trying to stay on-topic here, after all. Surveys, quizzes, and personality tests are a definite 'no', though. Unless you're just going to put a link to someplace off-site, or to your own journal. I'd like to not clutter the place up with malformed HTML, tables, and pics.

4) Only original work here, please. I don't mind you having storylines, solos, etc taking place in, say, Middle Earth, or somesuch, but we're not looking to take from someone else's ideas and put our own perspective on them, after all. I'm sure there are several communities out there devoted to fanfiction and perhaps even for the specific settings you're looking for that will be happy to host your work.

5) Feel free to post logs here from RPs, as well. Though be sure to have consent from all those involved before doing so. I do not wish to have to deal with any squabbles concerning creative license on other people's original characters when you post such content here.
5b) Incomplete logs are fine, but if you're going to post a seperate time for each addition/change to it then I would prefer that you link to the LJ-cut or Comment link for the previous installment entry for it the work. This way a user can just easily click back to read the rest, but if they're already caught up then it saves loading time and scrolling past what they've already seen. As usual, if you don't know exactly what I'm talking about, check some of the entries on how they work, or feel free to leave a comment to ask a question. I'll be happy to show an example, as well.

6) Rating of the community is NC-17. We're all mature people, I'm sure, and can act as such. Though if you are going to post something with excessive violence or sexual situations, please put some sort of warning on the initial posting so that no one mistakenly reads something they may not be into.

7)Also, we take all kinds of styles and genres, here. Dark, fantasy, science fiction, present times. Feel free to bring in posts from all different settings and/or times. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

8) As for comments go, I've turned off anonymous commenting to avoid hassling, as a precaution. If you're going to post your work here, prepare to have it criticized and/or complimented if you leave the posts to where one can leave a comment. However, I trust in all members and non-members that they will be objective in their readings and not stoop to insults or crude language in their notes about an author's work. I wish to not lose any members simply because some people had to show their asses and not be able to bite their tongues.

9) Introduction posts aren't mandatory, but appreciated. Let us know who you are, or perhaps just a quick "Hey. Glad to be here." or some-such. Such mingling is good to encourage bonding of the community and I would like to see it happen from time-to-time.

10) Illusionary Minds Chat, Ethereal Realms, and even Warp1 patrons posting here may want to include what Private Room (Supported, Unsupported, etc), Hybrid Realms, or Public Rooms their characters or stories took place in. This is perfectly fine, as long as the entire place doesn't turn into nothing but competition between the rooms or this giant ad-fest. Linking to the pages of such rooms, or the chat site itself is cool, too.

11) While I'm not going to enforce something silly as grammar, since some people's writing styles may not warrant it's use (I know mine laughs in the face of proper quotations and paragraph form) I do want people to take advantage of whatever methods needed to spell properly. This is to avoid a few things:
1) People getting confused by what word is supposed to be there.
2) Not present the temptation for other users to correct their entries.

12) One more recommendation I have for all members is the use of one of the many free Windows (or whatever OS you run) LJ update clients. They're fairly easy to use, have handy interfaces, and you can use them to spell-check (with a bit larger download) as well as edit/delete entries (typically).

The clients can be downloaded from this section. I personally use and recommend Semagic 1.3, but you can get whichever, though not all may have spellchecking support, previewing, and other such nifty features. Information about using it to write to this (or any, really) community is provided in this FAQ article.

Maintainer: simplypip